The Final war is a game about water, The game was made in the second day.

The style of the game is LowPoly.

I didn't have the chance to add all the things I wanted "Sounds and some text and one model" But.. I made it in 2 days, All the models made by Muhammad Alhammad who Is me.. The camel.. I just took it from a website and fixed it a little bit.

Models was made in Sculptris, MeshMixer.

Credits :

Not Even Entertainment : FootStep Script

GoldenZebra Software : Image Effects

Electrodynamics : Wind Sound (If you even hear it -_-)

R.M.Lehnemann : Player Controller

NeatWolf, Sound Effects channel on youtube, Sound Bible, ieva_liekiene,

And thanks to Faris Alshehri who helped me at the last second of the zanga, This game wouldn't have been uploaded.. Yeah still it needs more things like sounds and fixing the secret easter egg.

Check Out Faris Alshehri's game :

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